LiT Illuminated Safety Vest

Lit Safety Vest provides protection for Police Officers, Emergency Workers, EMTs, Construction Workers, Tow truck drivers, Motorcyclists, Road crews, Power Company Workers , Trash Collectors, Airport workers and Fire Fighters when working at night or in dark conditions.

Note: The battery is to remain in the off position unless you are actively wearing the vest

Vest Dimmer Switch Operation


Rolling Vest for Storage

The LiT safety vest’s switch can be used to turn the vest on and off manually with a quick press or the user can press and hold for touch activation. When using the touch activation, the user can press and hold for desired brightness.

The vest should be laid flat and rolled up tightly starting with the battery side first. Damage to the LED strips could result if not stored properly.

When charging the battery the switch must be in the on position as shown. The charger will show red until the battery is fully charged.

When fully charged the battery will display 5 green illuminated LEDs and the charger light will turn green.

The 12 volt lithium battery can last for months without discharge in the off position.