LiT Illuminated Safety Vest

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The LIT LED safety vest is a new way to be seen. It’s visibility and brightness are unparalleled in the field of safety vests. It’s amazingly bright underlit LED strips distinguishes the wearer like nothing else available. It creates a green glow that can overpower not only low light situations but is also powerful enough to stand out against the brightest LEDs on emergency vehicles. Most officers and workers are unaware of the backlighting condition created by the new powerful LED lighting on all emergency vehicles. The normal hi- viz safety vests create a false sense of security. This has led to countless avoidable accidents and deaths. The vest is lightweight, waterproof and will provide 12 hours of continuous use. Additional batteries are available and easily stowed in the storage bag. The power 12 v rechargeable lithium battery can sit for months without discharge.

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